R3D Craft is a texture pack for Minecraft, which is widely used in the world of minecraft, since it has the same design as the textures that come with Minecraft, but designed at great resolutions to see everything in detail and with a very high quality. good, are designed for lovers of the textures that come by default in Minecraft, but with higher resolution, are textures of 128 × 128 resolution

How to download and install Texture Pack R3D Craft for Minecraft

1- Download Texture Pack R3D Craft from Minecraft
2- Go to the Windows start button, then to Run (if not, press ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ key) and type %appdata%
3- Open the .minecraft folder and then the ‘resourcepacks’ folder
4- Copy the Texture pack that you downloaded into the ‘resourcepacks’ folder and you will have the texture pack installed
5- Now enter the game and options and see ‘resource packs’ and select the texture pack downloaded and accept

Download R3D Craft for Minecraft 1.8