Better Agriculture is a mod that adds 40 new animals, 2 NPCs, 1 new Biomes and decorative objects for the Minecraft game, which would be 10 new cows, 10 chickens, 10 pigs and 10 sheep of different breeds and colors, so we will have a great variety of new animals, also this mod is perfect to play it with other 2 mods and it can be the Forestry and Harvesrcraft.

For more information on crafteos and mod, watch the following video.

How to download and install Better Agriculture Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2

1- Download and install in the following link: Minecraft Forge 1.12.2
2- Download Better Agriculture 1.12.2
3- Go to the Windows Start button, then Run (if not, press ‘Windows’ + ‘R’) and type %appdata%
4- Open the .minecraft folder and then the mods folder
5- Add the downloaded Better Agriculture file inside the mods folder
6- You will already have installed the BetterAgriculture 1.12.2

Download Better Agriculture for Minecraft 1.12.2